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Dealing with Compliance

We offer a wide range of services to help businesses comply with taxation, accountancy and other statutory obligations.

We can help you with all of these things including:
  • Doing your bookkeeping or reviewing what you have done;
  • Interpreting your figures with you;
  • Doing your VAT returns or checking and submitting them; Making sure that you are making use of the most appropriate VAT schemes available;
  • Looking after your payroll or P11d forms and claiming your Employment Allowance;
  • Making sure you meet your Automatic Enrolment obligations;
  • Dealing with your dividend paperwork or helping you to decide when and what dividends to pay yourself;
  • Guiding you through the IR35 rules;
  • Making R&D tax credit claims and or advising on Annual Investment Allowances;
  • Deciding the best way to deal with your motor vehicles in your business;
  • What claims you can make in your business;

The extent to which you use these services is up to you to decide according to particular circumstances. Whatever your situation, Nagler Simmons can give you as much help as you need.

Steering you away from trouble – HMRC Interventions
Over the past few years we are seeing many more tax investigations and compliance checks from HMRC. Many of these arise from the smallest errors or omissions, even from the simplest of tax returns.

We pride ourselves in taking great care in making sure that our clients are making correct submissions to HMRC. We can’t always prevent HMRC from intervening by opening an enquiry but we always try to think ahead and discuss the possibilities with our clients.

How do we go about this?
  • We will discuss with you your plans and future events and their likely impact on your future tax returns.
  • We will advise you of what you need to look out for or what you need to do for the best;
  • We take great care and thought to ensure that your income and expense claims are shown in the right place on the return;
  • We will ensure that you are aware of what information you need to obtain and keep safe for future use.
  • We will discuss how to minimise the risk of HMRC enquiry and we will offer you tax investigation insurance to help mitigate the cost of future tax enquiries, should you have any;

If you get an HMRC enquiry, what will we do?

  • We will respond to HMRC enquiries within the specified time limits;
  • We will assess with you the possible outcomes and discuss how to manage the enquiry to ensure that the process is ended as soon as possible with the best possible outcome for you;
  • We will gather appropriate information from you and present the information to HMRC in a professional and succinct manner;
  • If you have taken up our tax investigation insurance, we will make the appropriate claims for you;
  • We will explain to HMRC the reasons for any errors and omissions in your returns and what procedures you are taking to ensure that they do not occur again;
  • We will negotiate with HMRC with you and on your behalf and advise you on what you may need to pay and when.
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